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703-844-0184 Call for an appointment Today! Drug Addiction There’s a lot of confusion about what drug addiction (also called substance use disorder, or SUD) actually means, even though it’s a problem that affects millions of Americans from all walks of life. The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) defines drug addiction as a chronic brain disease and one in which relapses are very common. It isn’t, though, a sign of weak moral character or lack of willpower. What might start as a choice to try a drug (as a legitimate prescription or recreationally) can result, over time, in someone losing the ability to choose and becoming addicted. People with addiction cannot abstain, stop their drug-

Sublocade - the injectable Subutex | Suboxone Doctors Fairfax, VA | 703-844-0184 | 22304

Sublocade has been available for a few months now. It is a once a month injectable Subutex buprenorphine product that insures compliance. Most insurances will cover the medication minus your deductible. The possibility of traveling without needing to worry about where your medication is would be eye-opening. Consider Sublocade in place of your Suboxone (which is generic, by the way). Articles: Sublocade as the future of Medication assisted therapy Sublocade site Sublocade site from Indivior

Fairfax, Va | 703-844-0184 | Ketamine therapy for depression, PTSD, Anxiety, bipolar disorder, and p

As the trials for intranasal S- Ketamine continue in phase 3, showing excellent results, IV Ketamine therapy offers excellent and rapid results for people suffering from catastrophic depression. Offered in our office setting, twice a week for three weeks, most patients notice rapid improvements in their mood that lasts for weeks. It is safe and effective for even hard-to -treat cases and most trials have specifically focused on these types of patients. Rebecca Brachmann - Ted Talk A Ted talk above is very informative about some aspects of Ketamine as it pertains to depression. Useful in PTSD and depression, Ketamine is safe and easy to use. NOVA Health Recovery NOVA Health Recovery has a bl

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