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Reasons to treat depression rapidly – Depression causes rapid aging> Consider using a rapid – acting antidepressant! Link to Article Depression ‘makes us biologically older’ BBC Article Major depressive disorder and accelerated cellular aging Patients with major depressive disorder (MDD) have an increased onset risk of aging-related somatic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, obesity and cancer. This suggests mechanisms of accelerated biological aging among the depressed, which can be indicated by a shorter length of telomeres. We examine whether MDD is associated with accelerated biological aging, and whether depression characteristics such as severity, duration, and psychoactive

Safety of IV Ketamine for depression, PTSD, bipolar disorder, and others

NOVA Health Recovery Researchers at Yale published a new study titled “Acute and Longer-Term Outcomes Using Ketamine as a Clinical Treatment at the Yale Psychiatric Hospital” in Clinical Psychiatry. In late 2014, Yale began providing ketamine as an off-label therapy on a case-by-case basis for patients who could not participate in research protocols. The authors observed 54 patients that received IV ketamine infusion for the treatment of severe and treatment-resistant mood disorders such as depression. “Ketamine is being used as an off-label treatment for depression by an increasing number of providers, yet there is very little long-term data on patients who have received ketamine for more

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CAll 703-844-0184 for an immediate appointment to evaluate you for a Ketamine infusion: NOVA Health Recovery : IV Ketamine Therapy in Northern Virginia for depression, suicidal thoughts, anxiety NOVA Ketamine website __________________________________________________________________________ Ketamine for Depression: A Q&A with Psychiatrist Alexander Papp, MD << Article link Ketamine for Depression: A Q&A with Psychiatrist Alexander Papp, MD By Gabrielle Johnston, MPH | December 21, 2017 Every year, 15 to 20 million persons are diagnosed and treated for depression, making it the most common type of mental illness in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control. For r

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