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Frequently Asked Questions


What medication therapies do you provide for narcotic addiction?

For narcotic addiction we offer buprenorphine containing products the most common being suboxone. There is also an implantable version of buprenorphine called probuphine which is appropriate for some patients. For patients able to titrate off of narcotics completely but wish assistance in maintaining sobriety we offer both oral naltrexone as well as a once monthly injectable formulation, Vivitrol, which can be given in the office. We offer telemedicine services so you do not have to see the doctor in the office for each appointment other than the first. These appointments can be schedules throughout the day and evening for your convenience. Your medication can then be called into the pharmacy.

What medical therapies do you provide for alcohol addiction?

For patients wishing assistance in abstaining from alcohol we offer both daily oral naltrexone and once monthly injectable naltrexone (Vivitrol). Other options include Acamprosate and Disulfiram therapies. We also offer off-label therapies such as Topiramate, Baclofen, Gabapentin, Carbamezapine, and several others, as these have proven efficacious in multiple trials.


Isn't one of the medications in suboxone a narcotic?

Yes but it does not work like a typical narcotic.  Buprenorphine  (Suboxone) does not produce the typical high of narcotics but does work to decrease or prevent withdrawal symptoms and cravings.  Buprenorphine (Suboxone)  also works to block other narcotics from providing any effect in the body.

Do you provide methadone treatments?

We do not provide methadone therapy. Studies have shown suboxone to be as effective as methadone in preventing withdrawal symptoms associated with narcotic dependency but with a better safety profile.

Do you treat chronic pain?

We are focused on Addiction treatment, but Dr. Sendi also treats chronic pain with multiple interventions which include CBT, relaxation techniques, referrals to physical therapies, wellness plans, local injections for trigger points and joints, and pain management with opioids as needed. 

Do you provide psychological counseling or group therapy?

We do not provide psychological counseling or group therapy.  We provide medical management of narcotic and alcohol addiction.  All patient's of NAS to agree to  simultaneously be actively participating in pscyhological treatment as well.  If a patient does not already have psychological care in place upon becoming a patient of NAS we will provide resources.  

Links for finding other help include Alcoholics Anonymous:  West Virginia AA  << Washington D.C. AA   < Virginia AA   < AA general links and alanon < Maryland AA   < Find a therapist near you  << Find a psychiatrist near you

Will I have to be on medication forever?

Every patient is different.  Some patients do best with long term low dose therapy taken daily much like medication for blood pressure or diabetes.  Some patients can be titrated off maintanence medication. We work with each individual patient to individualize their goals and treatment plans.

I am leaving an inpatient detoxification facility and need to transition to an outpatient physician what should I do?

We recommend contacting NAS before you leave inpatient detox so a plan can be put into place.  

I am addicted to multiple drugs. Will you treat me?

Our focus is on alcohol and narcotic addiction.  Many other "street drugs" do not have approved treatment regimens. We would be willing to work with patients with multi-substance abuse issues but you would need to expect an involved treatment plan and frequent follow up visits.

Do you drug test patients?

Federal law requires drug testing for suboxone and other similiar medication.  We follow current federal law.


I am a high profile individual and am concerned about my privacy.  What are my options?

NAS takes patient privacy very seriously.  Only the physicians managing your case will have any access to your medical records.  We have a discreet office location as well.  If even greater privacy requires exist please contact us via phone.  Your offical name is not required until your initial consultation and we have multiple options to ensure increased privacy though some do come with an additional cost.

Can my insurance company or employer get access to my medical records?

We will not release your medical records or even confirm you are a patient to anyone without your written consent unless we are obligated to do so by court order. 

How are my medical records secured?

We use a HIPAA compliant electronic medical record system. All paper forms are scanned into the medical record system and subsequently the paper forms are destroyed.


What is the cost of your services and what type of payments do you accept?

Please see our financial information page.

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