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Initial Evaluation

The initial evaluation involves an extensive discussion of the patient's individual needs. During this evaluation the physician will discuss with you the recommended treatment plan.  Often the treatment of narcotic and alcohol addiction requires the use of medications themselves that, if abused, have some potential for harm.  In turn, during the initial evaluation the physician will discuss in detail the proper use of any prescribed medication as well as the patient's responsibilities regarding these medications. During the initial telephone consultation we will discuss how to prepare for the initial evaluation.  Depending on the individual patient's needs the initial evaluation will require several frequent appointments until stabilized, generally within the first 7 days of initial treatment.  During the first visit we will develop a treatment plan and initiate treatment as appropriate.  At subsequent visits we will begin titrating the prescribed medical therapy under direct physician supervision. Family members are welcome to accompany patient's to the appointments but there will be a significant period of time during the interview process where the patient will need to speak to the physician alone.  Anything discussed with the physician will be held in the strictest confidence and will not be shared even with family or friends.

We require all new patients to undergo an initial evaluation with our physicians even if you are transferring from another physicians office to ensure we have an individualized and defined treatment plan for all patients.

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