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As the trials for intranasal S- Ketamine continue in phase 3, showing excellent results, IV Ketamine therapy offers excellent and rapid results for people suffering from catastrophic depression. Offered in our office setting, twice a week for three weeks, most patients notice rapid improvements in their mood that lasts for weeks. It is safe and effective for even hard-to -treat cases and most trials have specifically focused on these types of patients.

A Ted talk above is very informative about some aspects of Ketamine as it pertains to depression. Useful in PTSD and depression, Ketamine is safe and easy to use.

NOVA Health Recovery has a blog covering Ketamine as well as weight loss. It offers Ketamine infusions for depression and PTSD in Alexandria, Virginia. Many patients suffering from drug abuse also suffer from PTSD, Bipolar disorder, and PTSD. Alcoholics as well have co-occurring psychiatric disorders. Ketamine infusions can be used in these cases as well with excellent results. Sometimes it is the mood disorder that drives the constant drug use.

NOVA Ketamine is also a website that has blogs discussing recent developments with Ketamine treatments for Depression, PTSD, and other mood disorders.

Call 703-844-0184 if you would like to discuss Ketamine treatment options with us, or email us at

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